Welcome to Zhuoning Guo (郭茁宁) ‘s homepage!

I’m an $1^{st}$-year Ph.D. student at AI Thrust, Information Hub, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou Campus), supervised by Prof. Hao Liu (刘浩) and Prof. Qiang Yang (杨强). Moreover, I received my bachelor degree of software engineering from Computing Faculty, Harbin Institute of Technology. My research interests include data mining, federated learning, and graph learning.

HKUST(GZ) is a new campus of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology rather than an independent university, which is located in Nansha, Guangzhou, China, and focusing on interdisciplinary research.

Before starting my Ph.D. career, I was a research intern at Baidu Research, supervised by Prof. Hui Xiong and collaborate with Baidu Talent Intelligence Center, supervised by Dr. Hengshu Zhu. Moreover, I was a research intern at DKI Group, Microsoft Research Asia supervised by Dr. Shizhao Sun, and a research assistant at HIT-DBLab supervised by Prof. Hongzhi Wang. I also did research with Prof. Jia Li and Dr. Yu Rong.

During my undergraduate life in HIT, I’m honored as the chairman of HIT Massive Data Club, captain of Football Team of Computing Faculty, HIT and president of HIT Chess Club.

Here is my latest curriculum vitae.


  • [2022.11] Our work on human mobility modeling in COVID-19 is accepted by AAAI 2023. Thanks for my co-authors from HKUST and Tencent AI Lab!
  • [2022.09] I officially start my Ph.D. research journey at HKUSTGZ!
  • [2022.06] I graduate from Harbin Institute of Technology and receive BEng at Faculty of Computing. Thanks for all my past advisors, friends and teammates from HIT!
  • [2022.06] Our football team win the second place and achieve promotion in HIT Cup. Say goodbye to my football career as the captain of Football Team of Computing Faculty, HIT.
  • [2022.05] Our work on talent demand-supply joint prediction is accepted by SIGKDD 2022. Thanks for co-authors from HKUST, Baidu and USTC!
  • [2022.02] Our work on graphic design refining is accepted by TVCG (done during internship at MSRA). Thanks for co-authors from MSRA, PKU and XJTU.
  • [2021.10] I join Baidu Research, Baidu Inc.
  • [2020.11] I join Microsoft Research Asia.
  • [2020.05] I join Massive Data Computing Lab, HIT.


  • Yang Liu, Yu Rong, Zhuoning Guo, Nuo Chen, Tingyang Xu, Fugee Tsung, Jia Li. Human Mobility Modeling During the COVID-19 Pandemic via Deep Graph Diffusion Infomax. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2023)
  • Zhuoning Guo, Hao Liu, Le Zhang, Qi Zhang, Hengshu Zhu, Hui Xiong. Talent Demand-Supply Joint Prediction with Dynamic Heterogeneous Graph Enhanced Meta-Learning. Proceedings of the 28th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2022)
  • Wenyuan Kong, Zhaoyun Jiang, Shizhao Sun, Zhuoning Guo, Weiwei Cui, Ting Liu, Jian-Guang Lou, Dongmei Zhang. Aesthetics++: Refining Graphic Designs by Exploring Design Principles and Human Preference. IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics (TVCG)